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Advanced operating systems lab manual(report) m.tech 1st sem cs vtu

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1. Design, develop and execute a program using any thread library to create the number of threads specified by the user; each thread independently generates a random integer as an upper limit, and then computes and prints the number of primes less than or equal to that upper limit along with that upper limit.

         A process defines a Customized Computations framework in which a program executes.  In traditional operating system the basic unit of CPU utilization is a process. Each process has its own program counter, its own register states, its own stack, and its own address space. Now a days, in operating system , the basic unit of CPU utilization is thread and a  process may consist of one or more threads.    
A process is a program in execution or an instance of a program running on a computer. Two essential elements of process are program code and a set of data associated with that code. At any given point of time while the program is executing, the process can be uniquely characterized by a number of elements including the following,
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Identifier: a unique identifier associated with the process, to distinguish it from all other process.
State: if the process is currently executing it space is in the running state
Priority: priority level relative to other processes.
Program counter: the address of the next instruction in the program to be executed.
Memory pointers: includes pointers to the program court and data associated with the process plus any memory blocks shared with other processes.
Context data: these are the data that are presenting registers in the processor while the process is executing. 
I/O status information: includes outstanding I/O requests, I/O devices’ assigned to the process, list of files in use by process and so on.

Accounting Information: May include the amount of processor time and clock time used, time limits, account numbers and so on.

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  1. help me out in 3rd problem
    in manual haven given tht code for consumper
    please reply me with the code of Consumer.java

    1. it is present in the code. look for the line: class consumer extends .......

  2. Hey can you please mail me the programs. Ours is 2014 scheme so the programs are different for us.
    My email id is: supersaiyan391@gmail.com
    Please do reply even if you dont get the programs.

    1. Hey I'm working. Its very difficult for me to get those resources. Thats why I'm saying to the readers to share the new resources to my mail id so that I can include them here.


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